Print-ex OPAQUE is EXTEN’s ultimate BLOCK OUT solution for two-sided print on a variety of promotional media tools requiring high opacity

A new range of extra-opaque polypropylene sheets designed for graphic industry and suitable for printing application where maximum opacity is needed. The selection of surfaces available - identical on both sides - extra smooth or fine sand, allows the customer to choose for high grip and extra print-definition. 

Corona treated on both sides, it can be printed with all UV printing technologies (offset, digital) and in silk-screen.


Thanks to its sandwich structure with light-stopping layer (white-barrier-white) OPAQUE 100 is a total light barrier ideal for the most severe contexts, even against direct light source in- and outdoor. The layers - made in fully recyclable polypropylene - are not laminated and are inseparable; this makes Print-ex OPAQUE 100 the perfect ecological choice. Remember: even when incinerated, PP only produces water and C02.

Applications: double sided window stickers, hanging banners, stoppers...and many more.

Product benefits:
- 100% light barrier
- the thinnest sheet product on the market (200 lJm);
- same surface on both sides, smooth or thinly grained;
- perfect and efficient offset UV printing process;
- standard size 81 and 82, bespoke on request within production capabilities.


OPAQUE 99 offers high light barrier suitable for most applications in- and outdoor avoiding thus ghost effect after double-side print.

Applications: signage, self-standing advertising displays, hanging banners, stoppers, plastic cards and many more.

Product benefits:
- 99% light barrier
- Cost-effective
- same surface on both sides, smooth or thinly grained
- perfect and efficient offset UV printing process;


- On request coated with primer for UV printing: perfect ink-adhesion, scratch- and water resistance, extra-long shelf-life
- Available in “HMPP” rigid formulation alternative to PVC and PS (Polystyrene) for cards, outdoor signage, shelf-stoppers and many more…
- Available in “HMAF” self-extinguishing grade EN13501 (equivalent to B1 for Germany and M1 for France)

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