Exten offers unique substrates for the horticultural tag market: HMPP rigidity for stick-in labels, TAG flexibility for hanging and pot-lock tags. All our materials are surface-coated to allow UV-offset inks to endure water and UV exposure.

In compliance with the EU2011/10 food contact Directive we offer substrates from as thin as 100 microns printable with oxidation inks, flexo, thermal transfer and digital formats.

Exten Synpap is supplied in rolls to narrow web flexo UV printers, roto-offset and digital for various industrial labels as well as sheet-fed presses, it is used in IMD labels for garden furniture and moulded items.


We offer inspiration to your Point Of Sale communication skills with a wide selection of materials and technical features.

Clear, Backlit, Light 'block' stopping grades are ideal for visual communication on windows, light boxes, hanging banners, wobblers and shelf-stoppers, caddies, freezers and can be seen in use, right across your local supermarket.


Die Cut Insert Cards or Backing Cards are commonly used to protect and organize devices inside pouches and header bags. They are ideal for coiled products (catheters, needles), sharp, heavy, bulky components…. (e.g. Orthopedic), keeping products from moving inside package, organizing multiple components as Procedural Kits, adding rigidity to a package while staying in a flexible pouch. Insert cards are typically packaged in a flexible peel pouch but can be used in thermoformed trays and kits as well. Standard materials are commonly natural and white HDPE or PP in various thicknesses (0,4 to 1,0 mm).


Easily converted by cutting, creasing, welding, perforation, embossing and printing, PP has become the leading plastic for stationary items such as files, binders, dividers, pockets, folders, note book covers, rulers and many more. Exten gives designers full freedom of creativity in the selection of “à la carte” colours and patterns: in the Art-ex range colour can be matched from Pantone or RAL scale; in Decor-ex a pattern decoration with transparent or colored inks can be added in-line to the sheet surface, instead of expensive embossing or special silk-screen decoration.

In the pursuit of PVC-free plastics Exten has introduced two revolutionary materials: GECKO is an anti-slip PP substrate for desk mats and mouse-pads; Supersoft and Tear-seal can be welded by thermal contact (heat) or ultrasonic to create L-pockets, card holders, paper covers and so forth…

Life style and home

The right plastics are good for the environment! Not only is PP non toxic, it is the cleanest plastic material available for consumables: it has the lowest LCA compared to PVC, PET and PS, it is 100% recyclable many times over and at 'end of life' it only releases water and Co2 into the atmosphere when burnt by industrial combustion to produce energy in return to the highest calorific power.

Bath and Kitchenware include, (drawer inlay, pan saver/heat mats, clusters, place-mats), chair mats, bags, containers and boxes, childrens gadgets and toys.

The number of items that can be designed in PP is limited only by your creativity.


We are delighted to introduce GEOS and ECOCARD, our new green solutions for membership and giftplastic cards. These substrates offer a 100% recyclable, lower cost alternative to PVC. Produced with a low carbon footprint, these coated materials are available from 350 to 800 micron and deliver smooth edges, medium to extra rigidity, high scratch resistance without film overlay and glossy or mat surface.


HMPP VISUAL is an Eco-Friendly Polypropylene sheet especially formulated to replace HIPS and PVC for outdoor advertising panels and industrial or safety signs.

Get the best vivid image: sharpness of colour thanks to our surface coating, high gloss level after over print varnish, identical sides for same print result, high opacity to avoid ghost effect!

Prime-Ex surface coating will guarantee print endurance in lasting outdoor exposure and extreme sun and wet conditions.